Bella Rixi has a passion for all things creative but specifically all things natural, handmade, eco-friendly and local. The proverbial “you can never have enough yarn” cannot be more true in this case. We absolutely love natural yarn! We discovered and fell in love with the proudly South African hand dyed MoYa yarn (our preferred natural yarn brand). Watch this space for upcoming crochet, knitting and other projects and we are excited for you to join us on our creative journey.



4 Ply
Double Knit
100% Bamboo
100% Cotton
50% Bamboo 50% Cotton
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"All knitterly creation stems from one simple element: yarn. It is the baker's flour, the jeweller's gold, the gardener's soil. Yarn is creation, consolation, and chaos all spun together in one perfect ball."

Clara Parkes

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